Infinite Bliss Medium

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All Encompassing Firmness, Temperature Regulation & Premium Quality Foams!

The Infinite Bliss Medium was designed to be the perfect model. A true balance of Plush and Firm, so that no matter which way you sleep, it feels great. Whether you are a side, stomach, or back sleeper the Medium firmness is for those that like sleeping everyway. A combination sleeper changes position whenever they like and this is the perfect mattress to do it. To top it off, the features and benefits of breathability, pressure relief make this an all-around spectacular choice.

Description: 12” total height

  • Nature Pulp Fiber Cover - All-natural breathable silky smooth cover cool to touch.
  • 2” Premium Graphite Memory Foam - Transfers heat away from body with conduction.
  • 2” Ventilated Gel Memory Foam - Offers premium pressure relief & breathability.
  • 2” Transition Core Layer - Complements comfort layers to merge support layer.
  • 6” Orthopedic Support Layer - For lasting durability, comfort, and support.
  • Certipur Certified Foams - Industry’s highest standards in Eco friendly foams.
  • 20 year warranty

Made in USA - American made

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